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Friday's event at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood [Oct. 28th, 2009|08:58 pm]
The Twilight Zone

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Is anyone going to this event? (Scroll down):
Friday, October 30 – 8:00 PM


50th Anniversary! "The Twilight Zone," 1959-1964, approx. 3 hours. October marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of Rod Serling's landmark TV series "The Twilight Zone." Join The Twilight Zone Companion author Marc Scott Zicree as we show some of the Emmy-winning series’ unforgettable episodes by Serling, Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont and George Clayton Johnson. Writers, directors and stars from the series will appear in-person for discussions with Zicree. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of a timeless American classic. Be sure to bring an extra pair of glasses, and be on your best behavior, or you'll end up in the corn field. Discussions with Carol Serling (schedule permitting), Richard Matheson, Earl Hamner Jr., George Clayton Johnson, H.M. Wynant , Robert Butler, Arlene Martel and other talent from the series to be announced.

Tickets for this program available at the door only on the day of the event or in advance. Suggested donation $10.
I'm out in Ventura County, and I can't get in to Hollywood between now and then to get tickets. And I'm worried they'll be sold out if I just go in Friday night and hope there are some left!

So if anyone's going, and is near enough to get a couple of tickets, I will happily reimburse you as appropriate.

Please? Anyone?
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50th Anniversary! [Oct. 2nd, 2009|12:58 pm]
The Twilight Zone

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The New York Times has a story running today about TZ. As of this day, October 2, TZ has been on screens of one type of another for fifty years!

Man, I really wish I could afford the box set.

Anywho, go to the link for a fun little writeup and the opportunity to comment with your favorite episodes. Coments are already three pages long!

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Deal of the Day: Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection [Jul. 24th, 2009|12:55 pm]
The Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection for $105.99 (free shipping and all that jazz)

Mod: If inappropriate, please delete.
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Just a reminder... [Jul. 4th, 2009|06:54 am]
The Twilight Zone

[Current Mood |tiredtired]

...the annual 4th of July marathon is starting at 9am, running all day and all night on the Sci-Fi Channel! I'm working a double shift later so I don't know how much I'll get to see, but I'm sure it'll be a good one...because...well...it always is.

Happy 4th, everyone!
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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2009|04:03 pm]
The Twilight Zone

I'm sure you all know that there is the annual 4th of July marathon on right now. But this time it is the episodes from 1985! :(

Anyone know if they will be airing the original...the good...ones???
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You unlock this door with the key to... [Jan. 1st, 2009|05:30 pm]
The Twilight Zone


This community was created on January 1...

Happy Birthday fellow TZians :-)
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Marathon In Progress... [Dec. 31st, 2008|08:04 pm]
The Twilight Zone

[Current Mood |goodgood]

...and I am loving every minute of it. Happy New Year, everyone!
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Trivia Game [Aug. 20th, 2008|05:28 pm]
The Twilight Zone

 Doesn't seem like anyone does anything on here so I'm going to post up a little trivia game or something. I'm at work and bored give me a break! 

I'm going to put up a quote and you have to tell me who said it (characters name or actors real name) or what episode (if you can remember the title). I looked most of these up, but I expecct no one to cheat...if anyone decides to play along that is. Here's the first one: (one of my personal favorites)

1.) "That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was, was all the time I needed... "

2.) "You have disgraced the State before the masses. You have proven yourself a hypocrite, and a traitor to the ideals of the State; you have, as such, no function. You are obsolete."

3.) "Mother, give me your hand. You see. No shock. No engulfment. No tearing asunder. What you feared would come like an explosion is like a whisper. What you thought was the end is the beginning."

4.) "We have not just killed a man; we have killed a dream." 

And a trivia question for the bonus round: There are several repeat actors throughout the origial Twilight Zone series. Name 3.
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Why hello! [Aug. 17th, 2008|11:35 am]
The Twilight Zone

 Hey just found this community and just wanted to say hi! I love Twilight Zone and have since I was a little kid.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this or said anything about it, but I was watching the episode of Twilight Zone with Martin Landau called The Jeopardy Room...does anyone else see the similarities between that episode and the Saw movies? Just an observation. Wonder if they inspired that movie.
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2008|12:10 pm]
The Twilight Zone

 This was just posted on Dread Central!


Looks like Leo is looking to make a new TZ movie.....
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